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Soap Dispensers & Soap Dishes

Soap dispenser pump? Everyone needs a place to store soap. Whether you prefer bar soap in soap dishes or liquid soap in soap dispensers, SpaceSavers has a plastic soap dish or soap dispenser pump solution for your bathroom. Soap dispenser pumps by simplehuman add a modern touch to your shower or countertop. Or go the traditional route, and keep a classic clear soap saver dish or plastic soap dishes next to your sink or suctioned to your shower wall. You might also like a sensor soap dispenser, wall mounted soap dispenser, or a shampoo dispenser.
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      Soap Dispenser Pump & Soap Dishes

      Soap dispensers can keep your sink or bathtub clear of the wet grimy soap scum that oozes onto everything around a wet bar of soap. A plastic soap dish or other soap dispenser pumps can keep your soap handy. A soap saver dish does just as the name implies. A soap saver dish makes sure your soap is not dripping away down the drain. At SpaceSavers, you can get a plastic soap holder to hold your bar of soap, keeping your sink and countertop free of the wet soapy ooze. For your shower, try using a pump soap dispenser to keep soap handy for when you need it.

      For a hands free soap dispenser pump, try Simplehuman’s Sensor Soap Pump that automatically dispenses just the right amount of soap without you even touching anything. You don’t have to worry about germs being all over the soap dispenser. The hands free soap dispenser pumps are a great tool not just for the bathroom, but can work great in the kitchen too. After handling raw chicken, you may not want to touch a regular soap dispenser pump for fear that whatever might be on the chicken is now on your hands, and will then get all over the dispenser. A hands free soap dispenser pump makes that a problem of the past. If you are covered in filthy grime from working out in the garden, and once again, don’t want to transfer that grime all over your soap dispenser, an automatic soap dispenser pump can dispense just the right amount without you touching anything.

      A soap dispenser pump would work great in an office setting, in a school or daycare setting, where many little hands will be using the same soap dispenser multiple times a day. Cut down on the spread of germs by washing your hands without touching the same object that everyone else in the room has been touching by using a soap dispenser pump that is touchless. It makes sense, right? If you are a teacher and have students coming up to your desk all day wanting to use your lotion or to use a hand sanitizer, once again, the automatic dispensing action of this soap dispenser pump means you will be passing around less germs because the soap dispenser pump doesn’t even have to be touched by anyone. If you have little children at home who are just learning how to wash their hands themselves, it can be difficult to manipulate a traditional soap dispenser pump. It requires a lot of coordination and your little ones can get frustrated. Not with an automatic soap dispenser pump. Make it easier on them by having an automatic soap dispenser pump at every hand washing station in your home. It also seems fun to a little kid to use one of these soap dispenser pumps, which makes a chore of washing one’s hands, seem to go down a lot easier.

      A soap dispenser pump is great for the potty training stage in a child’s life, in particular. There can be a lot of back and forth trips to the bathroom if you are potty training a toddler. Make it easier for you and your toddler to wash your hands after your toddler tries out the potty with a soap dispenser pump. Because it runs off of batteries that usually last for three months, you can take this soap dispenser pump wherever you want. If you are potty training in a room that isn’t the bathroom and you don’t always have access to water, use this soap dispenser pump with a hand sanitizer. If you are going on a picnic with your family or chaperoning the school picnic, take the soap dispenser pump filled with either soap (if you have access to water) or hand sanitizer. These soap dispensers have a setting that helps you know how long to wash your hands. The soap dispnesers can be adjusted to dispense soap, dish soap, or even lotion. That is simply fantastic! It has never been easier and more fun to wash hands than with simplehuman’s sensor soap dispensers. It’s a good idea in the bathroom, kitchen, office, at school, or while on the go. Give it a try!

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