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Stackable Shelving

    Moving to college and living in a dorm for the first time can be an exciting and a daunting time. Moving away from your family home often means giving up a lot of the space you once had to keep and store all of your things. It also means you need to store some home items and other different dorm essentials in a very small space – your dorm room. Staying organized with the right shelving and the right containers can increase the space in your dorm room. To conserve space, either in your dorm itself or in your share of the closet space in your dorm room, stackable shelves can be essential in being able to find the things you need when you want them. Because you will have a variety of different items that need to be stored, stackable shelving can provide versatility in what they can store. If you are going to invest money in shelving, you need something that can easily be moved, packed up and ready to go when you are ready to go. Usually, you can’t install any wall shelves and freestanding units can take up a lot of room. A good option is to invest in storage cubes.

    Storage cubes can contain and organize all of your things. They are lightweight and modular, which means you, can easily change it up or move them around. You can stack them vertically taking advantage of a small footprint and maximizing your storage space. You can stack them on a desk, slide under a bed, or keep them in your closet. They can double as night stands or end tables as well as provide much needed storage. The stackable storage cubes are versatile in their uses and what they can store. They are convenient and easy to set up.

    They are containers in and of themselves, which makes moving day – when you move out of the dorm at the end of the term- a cinch. You won’t even have to pack up any of your things. Simply grab your storage cube, which is now conveniently your moving box and you can load up your car with your things already packed into the storage cubes. No moving boxes needed. Not a lot of time will need to be invested in getting yourself moved because most of the work involved in moving is packing everything up. If you need more storage later down the road, simply order more storage cubes.

    What can you store in these shelving containers? Use a cube to store your clean towels and wash cloths. Set the cube on its side, so you can grab a towel as you need it from the opening on the side. Use a cube to store your basketball, football, or tennis balls. Set the cube so the opening is on top in order to keep everything in the cube. Knowing that the cubes are stackable means you just make sure this cube is on top of a stack. Use a cube to shelve your books, notebooks, folders, and other studying essentials to increase your ability to stay organized throughout the year. Use a cube to keep snacks and drinks that you like to have in your room close at hand. Don’t waste money at the vending machines. Stock up or have your parents stock up your snack cube for you. You can fold tees, shorts, and other clothing items – saving space. Shoes can be tossed into a cube by the door.

    The possibilities of this versatile storage container and modular shelving unit can contain all of your dorm room essentials. Your life packed up in a storage cube, keeping you organized, saving space, and making it easier to manage your college life.



    Results 36-40 of 4012