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Sterilite has been a world leader in the manufacturing of innovative plastic household storage products for over 70 years - and SpaceSavers is committed to offering the best selection of Sterilite storage products on the web. From basic plastic totes for storing away seasonal items in the garage or attic - to Flex n' Carry laundry baskets which make hauling clothes and toys from room to room a breeze - Sterilite products are sure to make your life simplified and organized. Some of our favorites include the Ultra Seal food storage containers which keep food fresh for days on end, the shelf units and cabinet systems that can add a touch of class to even the most disorganized garage, and the ClearView see through storage drawers which are stackable and come in multiple sizes - perfect for dorm rooms and closets alike.


    Check your storage space – chances are if you use plastic storage containers you’ll find the Sterilite label on one or many of them. With a focus on problem-solving the Sterilite line of storage containers are built to help the average home owner or business owner organize spaces with practical and effective storage containers.

    Storage totes from Sterilite are one of our best sellers – these sturdy totes come in a variety of colors that are fun to look and can blend into your home’s color scheme but also serve a great function of helping you identify what’s stored inside at a glance. Orange and Black tote? Halloween costumes. Red and Green Tote? Christmas gifts picked up throughout the year. Pink tote? Girl clothes for hand-me-downs. Green tote? Gardening supplies and small yard decorations brought in over the winter. Of course you can assign your own meaning – give each family member their own color code and use those totes to gather items from around the house that need to be put away. Or choose a color scheme for seasonal decorations room by room so all you need to do to change out a space is bring out the tote, re-decorate, then put it back into storage.

    In the kitchen Sterilite storage is a great space saver for taking food items out of their original odd-size packaging and building a uniform, stackable storage system in the pantry, cupboards or cabinets. Transporting or storing mixed foods and leftovers are Sterilite specialties as well. Choose the right size pitcher for your family for sun tea or drink mixes and chill it in the refrigerator and pack up the same sturdy container to transport to a potluck. Ultra-seal food storage containers come in a variety of sizes to store and carry your lunch, pack away leftovers, or prepare a dish and store in the freezer until you need it.

    Sterilite items perform functions all around your kitchen space that don’t have to do with food too – dish drainers, drawer organizers, and ice cube bins to name a few. They’re on clean-up too. Sterilite offers a wide variety of trash cans to fit the kitchen and rooms throughout the house.

    Products from Sterilite really shine when you want to build a storage system in a space that doesn’t have the built in storage you need. Storage bins, totes, storage drawers and flip top boxes from Sterilite come in a variety of convenient sizes that work together to build stacking storage systems that make the most of whatever space you have available. Sterilite plastic containers are both sturdy and lightweight, which makes them ideal for moving them from one space to another – rather than carrying one item at a time in and out of storage you can move the tote, add or remove items, then return the tote to your storage space. Sterilite is human friendly with built in handles and grips as part of the design so you’re never left fumbling with how to carry an item.

    Variety in form and function is a strength In the Sterilite line. They offer a large selection of sizes for their storage containers so you can find the piece that fits in your storage space. A variety of colors help identify storage items and are just plain fun. A variety of lid and latching options lets you choose the function that make the most sense for your storage needs - choose a simple snap-on lid; make sure the lid is secure with snap latches; there’s no need to set aside a lid with a hinged lid that smartly interlocks ; or choose a flip top box that snaps tight when closed.

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