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Storage Drawers & Cabinets

Storage drawers can be an answer to an organization and storage dilemma. Does your closet have the right storage for small items like scarves, t-shirts, socks, undergarments and accessories? If not, plastic drawers may be the perfect solution. Add closet storage drawers or closet storage bins to a shelf or on to the floor of your closet. Closet drawer units or canvas drawers can instantly customize your space. Choose the material and style that fits your space whether that's plastic drawers or canvas drawers to create an organized and calming place to prepare for your day.

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    • Organizing your closet does not have to be difficult. Closet drawer units can take the stress out of a closet makeover. Don’t be overwhelmed. It can be done with a 3 drawer storage unit or 2 drawer plastic storage. You just need the right storage products to help you get started. Start small. Think big. Consider what a few more plastic drawer organizers in your closet might be able to give you for storage? At SpaceSavers, we know the closet chest of drawers that can help you create more storage out of any sized closet you may have. We can save you space by maximizing the space you have with a Sterilite closet drawer. We can ease your frustration in finding items in your closet by helping you get that closet organized with our stacking drawers, plastic drawers, or a Sterilite deep closet drawer. Don’t be daunted by where to start. Just start small with something simple, like a few closet organizer drawers.

      Let’s focus on the real small items you have in your closet first, like your jewelry. If you have a dresser in your closet or a shelf already, you can take advantage of our Sterilite 3 drawer mini organizer which is ideal for storing jewelry. A Sterilite 4 drawer storage cart, white deep Sterilite closet drawer, or maybe the 3 tier plastic drawers are a good fit. Stack and arrange them in a way that works for you and your closet. This makes your life easier and takes care of one small area of your closet and items that needed storage.

      If you would like to provide some additional storage and need a place to sit to slip off and on your shoes, combine the two needs into one attractive and functional piece of furniture. A storage bench with a cushioned top to sit on acts as additional seating, perfect for slipping your shoes off and on. The drawers give you the additional storage you need. Keep your shoes in the drawers or anything else you need storage for. Evaluate what you need storage for and use those drawers for your solution. Hats, scarves, and gloves could all be stored in the drawers in a storage bench.

      At SpaceSavers, we can also provide you with modular stacking drawers that can be used for multiple storage items. They can be used in a closet on a shelf, on top of a dresser, or on top of a desk. There are many possibilities for these stacking drawers. Get large ones or small ones, depending on your needs and space.

      Another option is to consider a unit that is complete with three or four drawers already. Use it on a shelf in your closet or use them on the floor of your closet. Wherever you need a little extra storage, these multi – drawer units can be very useful. Take advantage of discount Sterilite closet storage or a Sterilite deep closet drawer.

      Take advantage of a hanging shelving unit in your closet. These are easy to install and can maximize the space you have by utilizing all of the vertical space in your closet. They easily hang from a closet rod. Each compartment can be filled with shoes, sweaters, t – shirts, shorts, and anything else you need additional storage for in your closet.

      At SpaceSavers, we have so many different kinds of storage products to help you get organized. Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of putting order to your closet. The clutter and the chaos derived from it can be banished from your closet space by just making a few small changes at a time. A great way to get started is by implementing more storage drawers in your closet. So, let us give you a helping hand with some of our many storage drawers, a closet drawer chest, or go really big with a canvas styled wardrobe. Closet storage is now checked off your To Do List.