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Storage Hooks

  • $1.99
      Getting organized in your closet can be as simple as adding some over the door hooks or a rack of hooks for a wall. If all you are looking for is a way to get some awkward items up and off the floor of your closet, so you aren’t tripping over them or making the bottom of your closet a cluttered mess, then, a few hooks or more than a few hooks, may be all you need to make that transformation. At SpaceSavers, we love to provide you with the tools you need to get organized. We want to help you live your life, your way, and of course, organized. SpaceSavers has a myriad of different kinds of hooks and racks of hooks for you.

      We know style can be just as important as function when it comes to what you want to bring into your home. This is why we have tried to find for you attractive hardware, like the different kinds of hooks we have available. You will find something classic, modern, or something fun that you might want to use in a child’s bedroom or bathroom. We think you will find something that fits your sense of style and is just right for your individual wants and needs. Just because it looks good does not mean the hooks won’t live up to their function as well. So, go ahead and take a look at what we have to offer and imagine what transformation you could create with something as simple as installing a rack of hooks for your closet or bathroom. Give your bags, purses, backpacks, hats, and robes a lift up and off of the floors of your closets. Hang up your belts, ties, and scarves. Hang your necklaces from some hooks. Hang your towels to dry.

      Need some inspiration? Consider hanging a rack of hooks low enough for your preschool or elementary aged children to hang up their own backpacks and coats on their own hooks when they get home from school at the end of the day. In the morning, when everyone is in a rush to get out the door, there won’t be a scramble to find little Sophie’s butterfly backpack for preschool or Jonathon’s raincoat. To create a whole area of storage for all their accessories that they need to get out the door, place a rug below the hooks and encourage them to keep their shoes, rain boots, or snow boots right under their coats and backpacks. It can become a routine encouraging independence and promoting life-long skills for them to be able to do these things for themselves before and after school. It also has the added benefit of making your life easier and helping you get to them to school on time.

      You can do something similar for yourself in that you can have a rack of hooks for your purse, bags, coats, scarves, and umbrellas. Keep your keys, cell phone, and any other essential items you need to take with you on a daily basis right with or near your wall or door hooks. Then, you won’t be scrambling around in the morning either wondering where you put your car keys or where you left your purse.

      Utilizing organizational tools as simple as hooks can make your life simple and easier, getting you in and out the door, creating storage in a space saving way, and helping you live your life, your way, organized. Reducing stress over what seems like the mundane things of life can only make your day brighter and better. We think staying organized is a great way to live.

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