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Garage Storage Hooks & Racks

Getting your garage clutter under control can be a big job. Don’t be intimidated by this challenge. Start small and aim big using SpaceSavers’ storage products along the way to help you get your storage needs taken care of in your garage. One of the best ways to provide more space in your garage for either your car or for more work area is by giving everything a lift up. Hang your tools on the walls. Store your bikes and other sporting equipment on the walls or even above your car from the ceiling. You can lift up and hang most anything with the right storage equipment. SpaceSavers is the place to get all of your storage needs under control by utilizing our many different kinds of storage hooks and racks. That garage is going to be home to your car again and give you the work space you need, while still storing all of your items.

Get your cords under wraps by utilizing our many different kinds of cord holders, hooks, and racks. Get your gardening hose under wraps as well with our holders. Give your gardening supplies a lift up with easy to install shelving or by hanging that shovel on a hook designed to hold it along with many other items commonly found in a garage. Your rake can be hung up on a hook as well. Your hedge trimmers can be hung on the wall. Your weed trimmer can be hung on the wall. You can get it all up and off the floor of your garage and within easy access for when you need it. It protects your tools and frees up space. It can also be considered a great way to make your garage a little safer.

Give your ladders a step up by hanging them on a hook as well. There is no reason to have something so bulky underfoot. When you need it, you can go get it and bring it down from where you have hung it. Until then, keep it up on the wall and out of your way. The pitchfork can be hung on the wall too. Do you have a wheelbarrow for when it is time to do some gardening? I bet you didn’t realize that it can be lifted up and hung on the wall. It can. That alone is going to save you a lot of floor space in your garage. SpaceSavers can provide you with a rack that you can store all of your gardening tools in the same place. Your rake, shovel, gardening clogs, gloves, and other hand tools can all get a lift up and kept on this rack.

What about your bikes? If you or your whole family has bikes, they can take up a lot of room. It can be frustrating trying to work around them or park around them. Plus, every time you walk by one and bump it slightly, it can knock down not just itself, but other things around it, causing a whole domino effect. Those bikes can be hung on the wall or you can go even higher by using one of our bike and ladder lifts to store them above your car or your work bench area. The ceiling is a great storage space for your garage storage needs. You won’t be wasting any work or car space up on the ceiling! You certainly won’t be bumping into those bikes up there, either. This is a great storage solution for your garage.

We also have a heavy storage lift that can store bins and other items by hanging them from the ceiling. There are many different things you can keep in storage by utilizing this lift.

So, up high or on the wall, get all of your garage storage needs a lift, hanging them up and off your garage floor. It will save you space and reduce your frustration with your garage. Happy organizing!



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