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Summer Camp Accessories

Summer camp accessories can be stored in camp foot lockers. Kids summer camp supplies like laundry bags, sleeping bag, and so much more can be easily packed away in the camp foot lockers. Before you go camping or before your child heads off to camp, gather all the summer camp accessories needed & store in one of these camp foot lockers. The camp foot lockers are easy to move, making kids summer camp supplies all that much easier to move from home to camp. Smore's anyone? Find more footlockers for camp with summer camp trunks.

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      Summer Camp Accessories

      Do you have a child leaving for summer camp? Get your child ready with all the right items. First off, pack everything into a plastic camp footlocker or into two footlockers, depending on the duration of the camp. Consider sending them along with a canvas laundry bag as well. You can even save space in the footlocker by packing their clothing into the canvas laundry bag, which they can use later on to store and transport their dirty laundry. Pack into that canvas laundry bag, a variety of clothing options, because you don’t know what the weather is going to be like for sure. Think in layers. They can always peel layers off if they go from cool weather to hot weather. There are some additional camp items that may come in handy. Of course, ultimately, you should use your discretion and knowledge of your child to determine what should be packed, but here are some suggestions.

      What Kids Summer Camp Supplies to Pack in Camp Foot Lockers

      Don’t leave your child in the dark. Pack a flashlight. A waterproof flashlight would be best. Make sure to check that it is working and put new batteries in it. Pack along extra batteries as well.

      Pack a disposable camera. They can take pictures to share with you when they get home and to keep for themselves all the memories they made while away at camp. You could pack a real camera for an older child, but a disposable camera won’t feel like such a loss if it itself gets lost.

      A first aid kit is a must. Make sure to go through the first aid kit if it is one you have had around your house for awhile. Go through it and add any missing items or just consider getting a new first aid kit, so you don’t have to worry about not having all the basics in the kit. Don’t forget to include any medications your child may need while away. Inform the camp of any medications your child may need to take while away.

      Toiletry items. Consider making it easier for your child to carry toiletry items from bathroom to bunk by packing the toiletry items into a travel toiletry bag. It can store and organize the toiletry items, making it easier for your child to not forget the shampoo in the shower. Plus, it makes it easier to transport the toiletry items from home to camp and back again.

      Mosquito repellent and sun block should be two essential items to be packed away in that footlocker as well.

      Swim gear and water shoes are always a good idea if swimming is going to be involved with camp.

      Pack more than one pair of shoes. Besides the above mentioned water shoes, pack good walking shoes, maybe even hiking boots if your child is comfortable walking in them and will be going on hikes that would necessitate those kinds of shoes. Athletic shoes – running or walking – is a must as well as a pair of sandals even. Plus, if a pair gets mucky or even lost, they can have another pair of shoes. Make sure to send them off with shoes that fit well and are already broken into, so they won’t be doing that while away at camp.

      Make sure to send them off with some money for fun or emergencies. Pack phone cards so they can call you without having to use money or find out how they can call you and what they need to be able to do that. Include postcards or stationary, envelopes, and stamps. Writing might be a great way for them to ease the feelings of homesickness when they can’t reach you by phone. Also, encourage them to pack something from home that brings them comfort and security.

      These suggestions may not cover everything that needs to be packed, but it should provide the framework from which to work off of. Happy trails, ya’all!