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TV Stands & Media Centers

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      The TV is here to stay. Like all permanent fixtures in a home, the TV needs a way to be stored, along with all the components that have attached themselves to it. No longer is the TV itself a piece of furniture. It is only part of an overall media center. The TV needs a TV stand for sure, but that stand is going to need to have room for the media storage in addition to providing a home for the TV. DVD players and the collection of DVDs, various video game consoles and the games that go with them, and the TV, all will now need to be stored in a media center somewhere in your home. It might be in the living room, den, family room, basement, rec room, bedroom, or a combination of any of them. So, not only might you need one media center, you might need two, or three. SpaceSavers has attractive as well as functional TV stands and media centers for any room in your home.

      Do you just have a small flat screen in your bedroom? Maybe you have a hankering for wicker? You already have the wicker end tables, so why not a wicker media center for your lightweight flat screen? Yep. SpaceSavers has it. Complete with multiple shelves and side drawers for even more storage. Who doesn’t need more storage? If you rearrange or upgrade your small flat screen to something bigger later down the road, well, that wicker stand will function just as nicely as a hobby and craft center, in a toy room, in the bathroom to store and organize the washcloths, towels, soaps, and lotions, or as a hall table. The possibilities do not just extend to a flat screen TV. The possibilities for a versatile piece of furniture like this one really are only limited by your imagination. So, imagine away. Use it as TV stand and media storage this year and move it on to the bathroom next year.

      SpaceSavers loves anything that can be beautiful and versatile in the myriad of options for how it could be used. Take a two drawer chest as your media center. The flat screen TV is up on top. DVDs and games are in the drawers out of sight. It looks good. It is working out great! Well, this piece of furniture will go well beyond just your TV. You can use it in a mudroom or by an entrance door as a bench to sit down on and take off your shoes. Get the shoes up and off the floor so nobody trips on them. Where should you put them? Why not in the drawers. Or keep your gloves, hats, and scarves in the drawer. No more looking everywhere for your young son’s favorite super hero hat. It was put away in the drawer with the other hats as soon as he came in the door from school. That saves you time. It keeps the clutter organized. It’s an efficient use of space. Versatile and beautiful. We love that and think you will too.

      For the gamers out there or if you have some kids in your family (old or young) who have a Wii, Nintendo, or Playstation, you will love the game caddy storage unit that we have. It keeps the cords organized. Keeps the games organized. You can keep multiple gaming consoles on it. The shelving is ventilated so the consoles won’t overheat. It is easy to assemble. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s made in the USA. Now, that is something to feel good about.

      SpaceSavers can get all of your media storage and more neatly stored in a beautiful way. So, you can get back to enjoying what all of your media has to offer you.