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Tiered Hangers

A multi hanger can be one of the best space saving tools in your organized closet. A multi hanger has multiple tiers extending from it, giving it the functionality of multiple hangers in one hanger. These kind of hangers are sometimes referred to as tiered hangers. Use tiered hangers in small closets to give yourself even more closet space. Use tiered hangers as multiple skirt hangers, tier blouse hanger, or multiple pants hangers.
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      A multi hanger can provide you with more hanging and organizing space than a regular hanger. Tiered hangers save space while storing more clothes. Sometimes tiered hangers are referred to as multiple clothes hangers. Multiple tiered hangers can provide you with multiple pant hangers, a tiered skirt hanger, or it could be a 6 tier blouse hanger by Organize It All. Whatever your clothing might be, you can find the right multi clothes hangers that can transform your overstuffed nightmare closet into an organized space saving dream.

      Which Type of Multi Hanger Do You Need?

      Multi Pant Hanger
      Tiered pants hangers can provide you with the maximum amount of hanging space for your pants without taking up the maximum amount of space in your closet. Hang your dress slacks to comfortable jeans on a multi tiered pants hanger. A multi pant hanger makes it easy to select the pants you want to wear while keeping them wrinkle free – all of this while at the same time not taking up more space than necessary in your closet. Put an end to your overcrowded closet woes using a multi pant hanger.

      Tier Skirt Hanger
      A tier skirt hanger can group your skirts together for an easy to see look over while at the same time saving you space in your closet. Cut out the clutter in your closet. Hang up more clothes with less crowding utilizing hangers like a tiered skirt hanger. You’ll be finding what you need faster, keeping your closet organized, and moving on with your day with greater ease knowing you are saving space and saving time – all the while looking great in your wrinkle free skirt.

      4 Tier Hanger and 5 Tier Hanger
      Tiered hangers can come as a 3 tier hanger, 4 tier hanger, or a 5 tier hanger. Pick the ones that make the most sense for your closet. The more clothes you have, the more tiers you may need, making 5 tier hangers a great choice for those overcrowded closets.

      5 Tier Swing Arm Hanger
      The 5 tier swing arm hanger not only gives you maximum storage capabilities for your closet, but makes it easy to pull an article of clothing off of the hanger without taking the hanger out of the closet. The swinging arm makes it easy to slide your pants, skirt, or blouse right off the hanger.

      Cascade Hangers
      Cascade hangers actually can hook onto each other creating cascading effect. You decide how many hangers you want to cascade onto each other. Slide a hanger off of one another to change it whenever you want, keeping the clothing right on the hanger without taking it off. Uniquely designed and easy to use, the Cascade hangers can transform your closet and change the way you organize your clothes.

      Get the multi hanger for your needs. Tiered hangers come in a variety of different types and choices. Find the right tiered hangers to fit your space saving closet needs right here at Life your life, your way, organized with tiered hangers.