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6 Tier Blouse Hanger by Organize It All




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If you need to save some space in your closet or make more room in your drawers, then this six tier blouse hanger provides the perfect solution. This single hanger consists of six arms that swing back and forth, allowing you to easily hang and remove your clothing. Plus, it’s made of durable vinyl coated metal so you can be sure that it’s sturdy. In addition to blouses, you can use this versatile hanger to hold tank tops, sundresses, boleros and light jackets. You no longer have to bunch hangers together to create more closet space or deal with wrinkled clothing that you had to stuff in to drawers. This convenient tiered hanger is a must-have item for anyone who has limited clothing storage space.


6 swinging arms
Durable vinyl coated metal


15 .25" W x 26" H

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6 Tier Blouse Hanger by Organize It All