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Bathroom Towel Racks & Towel Bars

A towel rack is a must for any bathroom. Usually, multiple towel bars are needed for most households. Towel racks for hand towels near the sink & at least one towel bar for everyone's post shower towels are also needed. A towel rack is something that you don't think much about until you don't have one that you need. Find the bathroom towel bars that fit your style, fit in the space in your bathroom, & fit in your budget. Can't find the right bathroom towel racks? Try these towel hooks or a towel stand.

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      Towel Racks

      A towel rack from SpaceSavers can help you create more places to hang not just your hat, but towels too. More specifically, SpaceSavers can provide you with towel bars, towel hooks, and towel racks to hang all those extra wet towels on in your bathroom. A free standing towel rack can provide additional space to store clean towels and to dry your wet ones. A wall mounted towel rack can do the same without taking up additional floor space. An over the door towel rack and hook system can do the same thing without using any space that would be used for anything else. We don’t often think of the back of the door as a place for storage, but it can be one of the best places for a towel rack in order to save space. An over the door towel rack is ideal for small bathrooms without a lot of floor or wall space. SpaceSavers can provide you with options in all three towel rack categories. Imagine having a place to hang everyone’s wet towels on a towel rack, everyone’s bath robes on towel hooks, and have extra shelving on a space saver towel rack with a shelf to store other bathroom products as well? That’s a bathroom you want to hang your hat up in as well as your towel and claim as your own by using one of our many towel bars.

      Towel Bars

      Our freestanding shelving and towel bars can be a great way to offer up additional storage for wet towels when you have guests staying over. Maybe you don’t want to have the extra towel bars in place permanently, but would love to have it when all the in-laws are staying over during the holidays. You can set up the vertical towel rack in the bathroom or even in a guest bedroom to provide your guests with a place to hang their wet towels as well as providing a storage area for clean towels for them to use. A freestanding towel caddy can be a very elegant touch to a bathroom. A vertical towel rack can be used to not only fulfill the very practical need of extra places to hang your towels, but can be used to create an atmosphere of luxury in the bathroom’s décor.

      Contemporary & Traditional Towel Rack

      We have so many wall mounted shelving and towel bars, which look fantastic as well as give that much needed extra storage for your bathroom. Chrome, wood, glass – all are options for these wall mounted shelving and towel bars. There are many attractive and stylish towel racks that will fit your personal tastes and décor. If you love the look of a contemporary towel rack, or have a passion for traditional towel racks, you will find a wall mounted shelving with towel basr that create the look you want. The chrome and wood towel rack combines both elements. The chrome on the towel rack lends itself to the contemporary clean lined look, while the wood on the towel rack gives that traditional warmth that keeps it from looking too utilitarian and antiseptic. This towel rack has plenty of room to hang towels, robes, and store extra bathroom essentials and it looks great too. These towel bars really are the best of both worlds.

      Towel Racks for Small Bathrooms

      Some of us have older homes with bathrooms that seem to have been an afterthought or at least that is what we might think when we look at the postage stamp size of our bathrooms. So, not only are you low on storage space, you probably don’t have a lot of wall space for additional towel bars or shelving and towel bar units. SpaceSavers can help you find a bathroom towel holder. Take advantage of the space behind the door with a door hinge towel rack. Over the door towel racks can give you much needed storage to hang your towels, robes, and clothing. These towel racks won’t be taking up any additional precious floor space. These towel bars won’t take up any wall space, which you might not have much of anyway, but will only utilize space that you were not using for anything else. Problem solved with the right towel bar! SpaceSavers wants to help you live your life, your way, organized with the right towel rack.