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Underbed Storage

Under bed storage, like a bed drawer storage under the bed, makes for great under bed shoe storage. Underbed storage, like under bed storage drawers, are great for storing extra linens. Underbed storage drawers make great toy storage in children's bedrooms. Underbed rolling storage & plastic underbed storage are efficient space savers. Under bed storage drawers are easy to slide in & out from under the bed. Underbed storage drawers could be a CD/DVD storage containers. Under bed storage shoe storage is a definite space saver in the bedroom. Underbed storage drawers & underbed storage boxes can store anything that doesn't fit in your crowded closet. Free up space in your closet by taking advantage of space saving under bed storage baskets & under bed drawers. Everyone can get under bed drawer storage. Under bed drawer storage is as simple as sliding them under the bed.
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    • Under Bed Storage Drawers & Underbed Storage Boxes
      Under bed storage drawers & underbed storage boxes can put an end to inadequate closet space. Many of us struggle with finding an adequate storage area for the out of season clothing, toys, wrapping paper, photo albums, or other memorabilia that are important enough for us to keep, but we don’t want them to take up the precious closet space that we do have. Why not use under bed storage drawers & underbed storage boxes? Finding space for storage where it seems as if it there isn’t any can be frustrating. Most of us forget about the space under the bed. Drawer storage under the bed saves space in the closet. Most of us have this space called under bed storage, no matter what size our homes are. If you have the right containers for underbed storage, a whole new storage area has just opened up to you.

      What do you have that you could store under your bed or under your beds? Linens, extra blankets, clothing, shoes, toys, wrapping paper, scrapbooking supplies, photos, memorabilia, holiday decorations, extra toiletry items, CDs, DVDs, and other media can all take up residence in underbed storage boxes. Many everyday items that you need storage for can fit in under bed storage drawers. You just need the right underbed storage containers to make it easier to get your storage items out from under the bed when you need them. At you could choose from rolling underbed storage boxes, sliding underbed storage totes, rolling under bed storage carts, and many other underbed storage boxes. It’s just a matter of finding the right underbed storage containers for your particular under bed storage needs.

      In the right container your storage items will be protected from dust, dirt, bugs, and even moisture issues. Your storage items won’t be taking up closet space, which if you don’t use the items on a daily basis, it would be better to store them somewhere else like in under bed storage drawers. This frees up your closet space for the items that you do use more frequently. For people without bathroom or hall closets, extra storage in a bedroom is ideal for handling those storage items traditionally found in a bathroom or hall closet. A bedroom is usually not too far off from a bathroom, so it would be more convenient than somewhere else in your home.

      Depending on the underbed storage containers and the height of the bottom of your bed in relation to the floor, you can stack many of the underbed storage containers as well. If you plan on doing this, measure between the floor and the bottom of your bed. It would be a good idea to measure the distance anyway before selecting from the various underbed storage containers. If you want to maximize or use all the space under your bed, measure the length, width, and height under your bed. Then, when selecting the underbed storage containers, consider their measurements in relation to one another – will they all fit end to end, down the length of the bed, and as far wide as the bed? Do you have room to stack them as well? Do you want wheeled underbed storage, or glides, or does it not matter to you?

      Underbed storage containers are great in any home, but for a smaller home with limited storage, they are ideal. They are great for dorm rooms too, providing extra storage of clothing, textbooks, or old class notes and folders. Keep some in a guest bedroom to store the extra linens. They also can work well at the bottom of a closet. They have a low overhead clearance, so they can fit even under long hanging clothing items. Store them under your child’s train or Lego table to store extra tracks for the trains or to store all of those Legos. The long length and shallow depth of the container, makes it an ideal container to sort through to find just the right Lego pieces.

      Underbed storage containers are versatile and make for a great space saving storage option! Can't go wrong with under bed storage.