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Wall Mount Shelves

    Wall mount shelves are a great storage and organization tool while still saving space. Wall mount shelves maximize the storage opportunities while taking up no footprint. Shelves that can be hung on a wall can also be placed in a convenient place to where you might want to have certain items stored. They can be functionally very practical. They can also be used to enhance a certain look or sense of style in a room as well. A well placed wall shelf can be used to create a focal point on a wall or to create a space to display some element of your décor that you want to highlight or bring focus upon.

    When you want to create a more organized laundry room, wall mounted shelving over your washer and dryer or over the table you fold your laundry on, can be useful space saving storage. Laundry detergent, stain removal items, lingerie or sweater bags, and dryer sheets can all be kept close at hand right where you need them. Being on the wall behind your washer and dryer will save space in your laundry room. If your laundry room is also your linen closet, additional wall mounted shelving can be where you store towels, sheets, and cloths.

    In a bathroom, a well placed wall shelf with a towel rack can be an additional place to hang towels and store other hand towels. It can be a place to keep your toothbrushes, comb, brush, and other items so they don’t take up the precious space around the bathroom sink. If you happen to have a pedestal sink with no countertop in the bathroom, wall shelves can be a necessity for storing and saving you space. If you want to avoid leaving a footprint while still providing storage in a small bathroom, it can be a difficult challenge. Wall mounted shelves are a great space saving solution to small bathrooms without any room for any free standing shelving units. Keep a wall mount shelf near the shower to store the extra items that don’t quite fit in the existing shelving within the shower stall. Store extra bathroom essentials on a wall mount shelf in the bathroom or use it as a focal point for some item of décor that you love and improve the overall look of the bathroom.

    In the kitchen, by a back door, in an entryway, or front hall closet, a wall mounted cubby organizer can be a place to hang keys, place mail, store your phone, I-pod, sunglasses, and other items we like to keep right by the door we go in and out of all the time. In the kitchen, installing a shelf over your kitchen sink can provide you with over the sink storage to hold your cleaning supplies and dish soap. Installing a shelf near a stove can be a great way to keep items lifted up off the countertops and still keep close at hand and ready to use, the spices we cook with all the time, like salt, pepper, and your other favorite flavor enhancers. A wall mounted shelf in a kitchen can be a way to enhance your décor or display your collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers. Many possibilities are ready available in wall mounted shelving in the kitchen.

    Wall mount shelves can solve your space saving needs. They can be the solution to storing in a convenient manner – keeping all you need close at hand. Wall mount shelves can be a focal point or an aesthetically pleasing element to your overall décor in a room. Wall mount shelves can be used in any room in your home. So, get organized, using your wall – one of the best space saving tools in your arsenal.