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Wall Mount Hooks

Wall mount hooks allow you to make use of vertical space for storage wherever you can find it. Add wall hooks to closets, kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and entryways to create customer storage right where you need it most. Functional and stylish wall mount hooks are available to solve a wide variety of small storage problems.

    Wall mounted hooks allow you to make use of vertical space to increase organization throughout your home. One of the most popular ways to increase storage in a closet or entryway is to install additional coat hooks; wall mounted coat hooks can be installed one at a time, in an equally spaced row to create a visual line, or randomized if you want fun, funky coat hooks. Wall mounted coat hooks are also a great way to get kids involved in keeping closets tidy. If you place a wall mount coat hook within easy reach for little arms in an existing closet or mud room, chances are they'll take pride in hanging up their own coat. Choose the wall mount hooks that fit your style- you might want to consider:

    - Decorative coat hooks-wall mounted: use decorative hooks for coats, caps, clothing or even to hang pictures or mementos in full view.
    - Designer coat hooks-wall mounted: make style statement or add to the sleek, modern design of your space with designer coat hooks that tell your story as well as adding function to your space.
    - Modern coat hooks-wall mounted: chrome and steel say modern loud and clear, pick a modern coat hook for a minimalist look and clean lines.
    - Antique coat hooks-wall mounted: these coat hooks tend to have brass or bronze finishes and decorative, rounded patterns. Great for shabby chic.
    - White coat hooks-wall mounted: utility is the word of the day for white coat hooks, they blend into walls and molding so they're ready to work, but don't stand out when not in use.
    - Wooden coat hooks-wall mounted: the warmth of wood is a great accent for any space from rustic to modern depending on the decor surrounding it.

    When you're looking for places to add coat hooks, don't forget the back of doors - over the door hooks come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

    Wall mounted hooks aren't just for coats and clothing though, use them in the kitchen for kitchen utensils, towels, and pot holders. In the laundry room wall mount hooks can hold laundry bags, lingerie bags and clothespin bags to free up shelf space. Wall mounted hooks corral cleaning utensils in the utility closet and keep mops and brooms in order. A wall mounted key hook in the mud room or entryway will help keep your family organized and ready to start their day.

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