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Decorative Wastebaskets

Who says a wastebasket has to be boring? SpaceSavers offers wastebaskets to fit every style and design. With our wastebaskets including wire, faux leather, wicker, and more, wastebaskets can now become a decorative piece in your office space.

    Style and function do not have to be antonyms. SpaceSavers loves to transform what may have been a servile beast in the past into an operational beauty today. Your office space does not have to be drab and dull, monotonous or uniform. It can exude panache. Take the humble wastebasket, for example. Its primary purpose is to literally hold the waste or trash from a day’s work. Just because it holds the refuse from your hard labors, does not mean it needs to stand out like the ugly duckling among swans. If you like to keep your office space attractive, welcoming, and stylish, your wastebasket should lend itself to the overarching office décor. SpaceSavers can help turn the ugly duckling of your office into a swan that does not detract from the overall look of the décor.

    If you love the modern look of a wire basket, but want it to have a bit more style, we are here to help. We not only have one kind of wire basket, but a variety of different styles to choose from. We have edgy, delicate, subtle, to bold wire baskets. You won’t have to keep this wastebasket hidden under your desk. This is no ordinary trash can.

    We have faux leather waste receptacles. It is contemporary, but not cold. The fabric feel of these wastebaskets will give warmth to your office setting. It helps elevate the look of your office space, instead of bringing it down. The embossed woven pattern gives a sense of visual texture as well. You will not be disappointed by the way this trash can holds the garbage and holds onto style.

    If you love traditional, more natural materials in your furnishings, we recommend choosing from one of our wicker wastebaskets. You can go natural, with just the natural wicker coloring, or you can go more vintage chic with the white wicker. Wicker is beautiful, classic, and timeless. It works well in many traditional styles. It hides whatever you are tossing into the wastebasket from everyone’s eyes, making for a less chaotic and cluttered look to your office. Wicker pairs well with canvas, so if you also store some of your office essentials with some of SpaceSavers’ canvas storage boxes, the wicker wastebasket will compliment the natural look of the canvas.

    For a vintage modern look, try using one of our elegant faux suede wastebaskets. The striped interior paired with the solid neutral faux suede is elegant, modern, and with the addition of the stripes, lends itself well to any vintage modern décor. It’s so beautiful. You are not going to want to keep it hidden. If you love the faux suede, but aren’t sold on the stripes for your décor, we also have a faux suede wastebasket that looks as if someone has tied it up with a black ribbon like a package. It gives a window panel effect that is elegant and charming. We think you will love it. Maybe you will love it so much that you will get a second one, window pane style, but in a round version of it. We have that too.

    So, give even your most humble of furnishings some style. Your office does not have to be boring. It can reflect your style with the right office accessories and furniture to fit your kind of taste. Even the lowly wastebasket adds to your overall décor in your office space. So, design the perfect stylish office with the right wastebasket from SpaceSavers. Toss that boring old plastic thing that is too small, anyway, in the, well, in the garbage. You are moving on up in style.