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Wire Circle Round Wastebasket By Organize It All




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The wire circle round wastebasket by Organize It All is a visually compelling take on an everyday object. This desk garbage can is formed by a series of steel rings welded together into the tapered cylinder shape of a trash bin. Its dark finish gives it a modern appearance that would fit well in any home. Though perhaps not suited as a food wastebasket, it would be an attractive addition to an office or bedroom. Add a colorful plastic liner for interesting visual effects and to extend the abilities of the can. A reasonably priced product, adding something original to your home doesn’t have to cost a lot.


Wastebasket made of welded-together rings
Black finish
Contemporary design


11.75" W x 11.75" D x 13.50" H

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Wire Circle Round Wastebasket By Organize It All