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Wire Storage Shelves

    Wire shelving is affordable, convenient, and a great way to maximize space in a big way or a small way. Storage for at home, work, school, or even in your gym locker can all be achieved with wire shelves. Stackable wire shelving takes advantage of vertical space while minimizing the amount of floor space it takes up. Wall mounted wire shelves can provide storage in laundry rooms, basements, garages, bathrooms, and kitchens. Stackable wire shelves are great for dorm rooms, garages, closets, schools, and even at the office. Stackable wire shelves can maximize the space in cabinets, pantries, closets, and even school lockers. Work lockers, school lockers, and gym lockers are small spaces that we often use on daily basis. Figuring out a way to make the most of the space within a locker can be challenging, but with the use of a stackable locker shelf, you can store more in a much more organized and efficient use of space. By efficiently utilizing the space in your locker, you can find what you are looking for in a much quicker manner. Items will last longer too, because they won’t be all tossed into the bottom of the locker in a piled mess. Stackable locker shelves are a great solution to the space saving, organization and storage challenged, locker.

    What do we commonly store in our lockers at school, work, or the gym? At school, we keep textbooks, shoes, water bottles, pencils boxes, lunchboxes, and maybe even a purse or wallet. Without any shelving in the locker, everything is simply tossed onto the bottom of the locker. Your textbooks get beat up from the constant in and out abuse of being tossed, jostled, and stacked upon. It’s difficult when you are in a hurry to find the textbook, notebook, and folder you need for your next class, if everything is in a jumble at the bottom of your locker. By using one or multiple stacking locker shelves, you can store your textbooks with the spines held vertically enabling less wear and tear on them. Plus, now you can find them quickly because they won’t be on the bottom of pile of stuff. Your shoes won’t be piled on top of your lunch, smashing it into an unappetizing lunch. At work and the gym, you can stack these shelves enabling you to find your toiletry kit easier, or your purse or wallet. Your lunch, water bottle, or gym shoes can be kept separate if need be. It just makes sense to get this small area that you use on a nearly daily basis, more organized so you can use the small space you do have, more efficiently and with greater ease.

    Wire shelving can be a great organizing and storage tool on a small scale, like in a locker, but it can also be a great tool on a much bigger scale as well. A chrome baker’s rack with cutting board can create storage and work space in a kitchen. Store multiple bins or canisters on the shelving. Use the cutting board shelf for additional work space or storage space. It can be where you store and use your stand mixer. It can be where you chop veggies. You can hang whisks, pots, lids, and pot holders on the hooks that can be hung from the top. Storage on the bottom shelves, storage on the cutting board shelf, plus additional work space for food preparation, a place to get things up and out of the way, and additional storage on the very top shelf. Wow. That is a lot for one piece of chrome wire furniture. If you want to know more, read the product review of the Whitmor Baker’s Rack with Cutting Board right here at!



    Results 36-37 of 3712