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Bamboo Drawer Organizers

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      Bamboo is an eco-friendly material gaining more popularity among consumers because it is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is strong and durable, 16 times as strong as maple. Consumers are becoming conscientious of how their purchasing power reflects their values. If you are interested in purchasing bamboo products, has many different kinds of products made from eco-friendly bamboo. Knowing how to care for your bamboo products, like the expandable bamboo junk drawer organizer, will insure your bamboo products are well preserved and give you a long lasting useful life.

      The bamboo organizer tray is often used for organizing cutlery in a kitchen drawer. Before we use any kind of organizer, we usually want to wash it since it is storing the spoons, forks, and knives we eat and cook with on a daily basis. Do not clean your bamboo tray in the dishwasher. Do not thoroughly soak it in water either. If you are going to use any kind of bleach to sanitize the bamboo, make sure it is diluted with plenty of water. Don’t use vinegar on the tray either. Here is what you can do that will preserve and maintain your bamboo cutlery tray, increasing the longevity of use.

      To clean the bamboo organizer hand wash it using a sponge that has been soaked in mild soapy water. Cool to lukewarm water is just fine. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or abrasive cleaning pads or sponges. After washing the bamboo, rinse it thoroughly and dry it immediately. Remember not to soak the bamboo trays and organizers.

      Mineral oil can preserve and protect the bamboo, increasing the longevity of use as well as improving the aesthetic appeal of it. Mineral oil, as opposed to any kind of vegetable oils, does not spoil or become rancid. Don’t use a vegetable oil of any kind for this reason. Mineral oils and vegetable oils are not interchangeable. To get the mineral oil ready to be applied, gently heat it on low. Apply the oil using a cotton cloth. Rub the organizer with the mineral oil. Be thorough. Allow the mineral oil to soak into the wood for 20 minutes before wiping off the excess oil. Wipe off the excess oil using a dry cotton cloth.

      How often you want to apply the mineral oil depends, in part, on how often you clean the bamboo tray. For bamboo cutting boards, the experts recommend applying the mineral oil once a month, but a cutting board is going to get a lot more frequent washing and is under a lot more vigorous use. Use your common sense on how frequently to clean the bamboo organizers and how often to apply the mineral oil. If the organizer tray is for your desk drawer or a junk drawer, you may not clean it as often as a cutlery tray, which comes in contact with utensils we use to eat with. A desk drawer organizer may only need infrequent dusting with a duster or a dusting cloth. You should still consider a mineral oil application occasionally in order to maintain its luster and better preserve the bamboo, but it would not need it as frequently as a kitchen cutlery organizer.