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Wood Shelves

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      Dress up your office space with wood shelves and wood bookshelves. Provide much needed additional storage for books, bins of items, files, and even décor. Wood shelves bring a natural classic beauty to any room. They are aesthetically and in function, a wonderful way to get organized with your storage needs. Unlike your garage, where utility shelving units work just fine, your office, bedroom, living room, dining room, or bathroom requires more than just function when it comes to the requirements of your storage shelves. Wood is a classic material to choose. Wood looks great in a traditional home or setting. Wood is fantastic in a modern décor. Wood is attractive for the urban dweller or the rural dweller. Whatever room you have, whatever your personal tastes, and wherever you live, wood shelves are always the perfect choice.

      How do you get started once you decide that wood shelves are the way to go? One of the first things to do in order to decide which shelving option is the best one for your particular storage and organizational need, is to ask a few simple questions. First, how much space do you have? If space is not an issue than it won’t matter which bookcase or shelving unit you choose. If space is an issue, than the next question to ask is what do you need to store and organize? How much or how many items do you need organized?

      If you only need a small number of similarly grouped items tucked out of sight in a couple of deep drawers, than a shelf unit with built in baskets might be all you need. It won’t take up a lot of floor space and can provide a significant amount of storage. If you just have a few small desktop items to store, you can get wooden desktop organizers for your paperclips, memo pads, and other small items.

      If you need a lot of storage and have maybe a narrow area against a wall to store it all, consider a tall shelf unit that is fairly narrow. You can store books, files, small bins, and many other items on your wooden shelving unit. Another option is to consider using a leaning five tier shelf by Winsome Wood. You can tuck this into a closet, under a set of stairs, or against a wall next to your desk. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, but can be just the right amount of shelving you may need. It can easily be moved around, so if you don’t like where you put it the first time, you can easily move it somewhere else.

      Sometimes, we have so many items we need to store and they are so different in use or nature, that we aren’t sure which shelving unit to get. If this is you, consider sorting through everything you need to store. Group all similar items together. If they are small, maybe they can all fit into a bin that can then be placed onto a shelf. If you have a large group of books and just a few other items, than that gives you an idea of what size of bookcase it would be best to buy. You want a bookcase that can hold all of your books and still hold your additional items. It’s always a good idea to get shelving that leaves you with some additional empty space. Later down the road, it is likely you will need additional storage space for items you don’t already have, so think ahead, and get enough shelving that you can expand easily in the future.

      Get organized with the classic beauty of wooden shelves today!

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      Results 36-66 of 6612