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Wall Mounted Coat Racks & Hooks

Finding a place to hang your coat or multiple coats can be a quick step towards organizing a room or an area of your office. Coat hooks or wall mounted coat racks can provide much needed storage in a closet, a bedroom, a mudroom, an entryway, in a classroom, or an office setting. A wall mounted coat rack can transform an overcrowded entryway or hall closet. Simply, hang your coats, hats, bags, and purses on the wall mount coat rack. Wall mounted coat hooks are not just for coats. Hang your umbrella, backpack, shoulder bags, or even a set of keys right where you are most likely to need them as you head in or out the door.

    Coat hooks aren't just for coats anymore. Transform an office, a bedroom, a dorm room, an entryway, a mudroom, or even a garage with the organizing functionality of wall coat hooks. Why take up precious floor space with a floor coat rack when you can use a coat rack wall mounted? Wooden coat hooks wall mounted has the advantage of you being able to place it at whatever height and spot is most convenient for you. Use a wooden wall coat rack for small children to hang up their own backpacks, coats, and hats by hanging a wall mounted coat and hat rack down low enough for them to reach. Hang a peg coat rack on the inside wall of a hall closet to save space and provide much needed storage for all of those bags, umbrellas, and other gear. You can’t use a free standing coat rack inside your front closet without taking up most of the closet. This is the reason a wooden wall coat rack is simply a better choice for some space saving situations.

    Our Top Ten Coat Rack for Wall Uses

    1. Hang a wood peg coat rack in your mudroom low enough for your child to hang their backpacks, hats, and other gear. This teaches them independence and organizing skills. It also saves you time from picking up after them all the time. It helps them find their things easier because they are always right where they need them to be. It also gives them self confidence as they learn they can do these things for themselves.

    2. A black wall coat rack can be used in your kitchen or pantry to hang small pots and pans. Use the stylish look of a black wall coat rack near your kitchen sink to hang dish clothes, towels, or to hang cooking utensils you use all the time such as large spoons, spatulas, or whisks. Organizing your kitchen or closet, coat hooks can be a space saving organizer’s best tool.

    3. A wall coat hook rack can be used in your basement recreation room to store your family’s collection of sports memorabilia – all those hats, baseball caps, and visors. It’s a fun way to perk up a space like a dark basement, while at the same time provide practical storage solutions.

    4. An expandable wooden coat rack can be an office necessity. Provide a place for everyone to hang up their coats, bags, purses, and hats.

    5. A wood expandable hat rack can be a fun way to store your scarves, necklaces, head wraps, and other accessories. Hang it on your walk in closet or along a bedroom wall. Coat hooks can serve a practical purpose as well as look great.

    6. A wall mounted coat rack – wood or metal – can provide much needed wall storage in a garage. Hang items such as lightweight rakes to small items like extra sets of keys.

    7. A brushed nickel wall mounted coat rack can provide you with stylish organizing and storage in a bathroom. Hang up your towels and wash cloths on a stylish and easy to install wall mounted coat rack.

    8. Coat hooks are a great resource in a classroom or childcare center. Provide plenty of low to the ground hanging storage for you’re the kids in the classroom. Give them a place to hang their backpacks, coats, and other gear.

    9. A wall mounted coat rack can be a great resource in a playroom for an art center area. Hang up art smocks and aprons for the next time your children want to paint. Use coat racks in their pretend kitchens to hang up their play towels. Use coat racks to hang and organize their dress up and other play clothes. Costumes hung up and easy for them to see are going to attract their attention more than in a wadded up pile on the floor.

    10. Use a wall mounted coat rack to help you get organized in your craft room. Sort, organize, and hang up ribbons, wreaths, and many other craft supplies in an easy to see, sort, and organize manner.

    What are your favorite ideas for coat hooks? Tell us on our Facebook page and read about more great organizing tips on our blog.