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Waterproof and Airtight Storage Containers

Air tight storage bins & plastic water storage containers keep your valuables dry. Plastic storage containers, air tight storage boxes, storage bags, & dry storage containers include several airtight box and waterproof options perfect for linens, clothing, and other valuables. Protect items with air tight from water, storage containers. Air tight storage bins keep moisture out in damp environments. Air tight storage boxes are ideal for basements, cellars, & garages. Keep valuable documents, passports, & papers in an airtight box inside of a fire proof safe. Prevent water damage or mold by using dry storage containers. On water? Storage containers must be air tight storage bins in order to keep the elements of the sea off of your stored items. Find more storage solutions with orange storage containers, bins & totes & Iris Christmas storage containers.

    Airtight Storage Containers and Watertight Containers
    Near water? Storage containers and storage areas are not always dry. We don't always have a choice about where we can store our valuables, but we do have a choice as to what we store our items in. Air tight storage bins are the only sure way to make sure your items are dry. Storage containers may not be away from all moisture sources or water. Storage containers can be the barriers between the water and your stored items, however. Air tight storage boxes can keep the damp, humid air out of your stored valuables. An airtight box prevents the moisture from seeping in. For added extra assurance, use a dehumidifier to further dry out the air in wet basements and other wet environments to keep things dry. Storage containers that lock out the moisture and are stackable make great long term watertight containers for problem storage areas. It's better to invest in the airtight storage containers than to have to buy all new linens, clothing, or whatever items you have stored. Even if you keep your items in a storage unit somewhere, it's not a bad idea to play it safe by making sure you use air tight storage bins. Moving? Using your dad's truck or a trailer? Keep your items dry on moving day even in the rainiest season with dry storage containers. The only way to make sure the stored items in the storage containers are dry is to use air tight (water) storage containers. Airtight storage containers and watertight storage containers are the only way to move and store boxes.

    Flooded Basements, Leaky Attics, and Humid Garages Need Airtight Storage Containers and Watertight Containers.
    Basements flood. Basements flood when you least expect it. You can't always predict when flooding is going to occur. So, if you use your basement as a storage area, protect your stored items by keeping them in air tight (water) storage containers. Dry storage containers that are air tight storage boxes are the only way to keep moisture out. Further reduce the risk of water damage by storing air tight stroage bins on shelves or raised pallets. If your basement does flood, make sure to use a humidifier and fans in a dry corner of the basement (Don't run electrical appliances like humidifiers and fan on wet floors.) to remove the moisture from the air and to further protect the airtight storage containers. Many water restoration companies can help you with drying out your basement but they can't help you if all of your valuables were not stored properly in air tight (water) storage containers. Carpet and padding can be replaced, but can your grandmother's wedding album or your baby clothes you were keeping for the next baby? This is why waterproof storage boxes are so important. Not everything is replaceable.

    Attics leak. Usually the first time we know that a roof needs replacing is when the attic starts leaking. If you store your valued items in the attic, air tight storage bins are just as important for attic storage as for basement storage. A hard rain could be the last of those treasured family photos. A bad storm could spell the end to your Christmas decorations and ornaments. Using air tight (water) storage containers can protect your stored items.

    Humidity in a garage can be the norm. Most garages are not temperature controlled. Garages can leak in a bad storm. If you store your items in the garage, make sure to store them in air tight storage boxes. Waterproof storage boxes can be the saving barrier between water damaged stored items and the storm. Watertight containers can also keep humidity out preventing mold. Airtight and dry storage containers are the only way to store items of value in your garage.