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    For being one of the smallest rooms in our homes, the bathroom is the central location for a lot of items that require storage. Many of us battle with the need for more space within our bathrooms. SpaceSavers can organize your bathroom essentials creating a soothing, calm retreat in your bathroom and keeping all that you need within reach. Storing your bathroom items in a hall closet is not always very convenient, if you use those items mostly in the bathroom. By utilizing wall mounted shelving, in the shower caddies, over the door or over the cabinet door racks and shelves, as well as various sized organizers created for storing specific items, you can have it all in the bathroom without feeling like you’ve walked into a disorganized disaster zone.

    One of the first things you can do is organize the medicine cabinet and drawers. Cosmetics often get tossed into a drawer or medicine cabinet, creating a jumbled mess. It can be difficult to determine what you have when they are all in a pile. Sort and separate out your cosmetics into compartments in a cosmetics organizer. SpaceSavers has organizers that would work great in your drawers, cabinets, shelving units, or on top of a vanity. For larger personal care items, like hair dryers, brushes, and combs, try using our stacking baskets to store them. If you store items vertically, they take up a smaller footprint. Medications can take up a lot of room in a cabinet. It can often, be difficult to find what you are looking for or sometimes, we forget we even have it, if we cannot find it quickly. So, you buy another cough suppressant when you already have one. Save yourself some money and organized them, arranging them within one of our organizers, so you can better see what it is you have. If you have a daily medication routine with multiple meds that need to be taken, we also have the right organizer for you. This way, you will know when you need to take a medication and you will know when you already have taken one. We all are busy and it can be difficult to keep track, especially, when you do it every day.

    Keep your shower and tub clean as well as organized. SpaceSavers has a variety of bath mats, stylish as well as functional, to keep anyone from slipping. When you need to clean the tub or shower, simply remove the mat to clean underneath. A good tip to keep your mat cleaner longer is to air dry it by hanging it up after you use it. Use one of our SpaceSavers’ squeegees to wipe off the walls of your shower, keeping the filmy residue at bay, after every time you shower. You won’t have to clean that shower or tub as often with daily maintenance. Everybody likes a break from cleaning! Organize your shower and tub essentials, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, utilizing one of our shower caddy systems. Try a corner caddy, hang it over the shower door, or hang it from the overhead showerhead. Use a suction cup soap holder to keep your soap right where you need it. We also have razor holders. Everything right where you need it, when you want it, and you aren’t knocking it off the edge of the tub.

    Need your bathroom essentials on the go for traveling? Try one of our toiletry kits. Pack it up when you need to travel. Store it away, when you aren’t using it. If you travel frequently, we recommend simply keep seconds of everything you would normally use at home, in your toiletry kit at all times. You can save time when it is time to head out, by simply grabbing your toiletry kit, instead of packing it. As long as you keep refilling your items as you run out, you will always have your favorite toiletry items on hand no matter how quickly you have to get to the airport.

    Save space. Save time. Live your life, your way, organized.



    Results 141-175 of 176123456