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Brabantia Trash Cans

Brabantia trash cans are sleek modern garbage cans. Find the right kitchen trash can with a Brabantia trash can. Brabantia trash cans are always sophisticated and still practical. What can you expect from a Brabantia garbage can? Brabantia garbage cans endure a beating and still look elegant because they are made with top quality materials. The finish, the outer coating, on all Brabantia trash cans are hard-wearing. From touch bins to pedal bins, you can find the right elegant and superbly functional Brabantia trash can to fit your waste disposal needs. Brabantia trash cans take care of the garbage in your life for any room of your home. Find more storage solutions with trash recycle combo garbage cans & towel bars.
    Are you looking for just the right waste bin for your kitchen? Brabantia garbage cans are known for their superbly funcitionality as well as their impeccable elegance.

    Brabantia Trash Cans: Pedal Bins
    A Brabantia garbage can provide you with an odor proof waste receptacle with an easy to open and close lid. The Brabantia trash cans in the pedal bins line offer you a handy lid that stays open when opened manually. The lid closes itself by pedal operation. The Brabantia trash can is corrosion resistant. The Brabantia garbage can is made of chromium steel or with a steel plate with Galfan coating. The Brabantia garbage cans feature a removable plastic inner bucket. Some of the Brabantia trash cans feature a removable fire resistant metal inner bucket. Both of these Brabantia trash cans with the removable inner bins make it easy to keep the inside of your Brabantia trash can clean. Simply remove the inner bucket and wash out with a mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before placing back into the Brabantia garbage can. The pedal bin Brabantia trash cans include a durable metal carrying grip. The protective plastic base on some of the Brabantia garbage cans insure your can won't slip and slide or do any damage to your floors.

    Brabantia Trash Cans: Touch Bins
    Do you love the functionality and the ease of use of a touch bin, but hate the annoying clank as the lid slams closed? With a Brabantia trash can, you can have a touch bin with a soft touch closure. The Brabantia trash cans feature a lid with an easy, light closing apparatis. The dampened lid hinge makes throwing the garbage away a quiet operation. As with all of the Brabantia trash cans, the touch bins line is made of durable materials that make these trash cans corrosion resistant giving you years and years of use. The sturdy carrying handles make it easy to move and the removable lids make changing the garbage liner easy.

    Brabantia Trash Cans: Retro Bins
    The retro Brabantia garbage cans have a lot of the same features and ease of use as the pedal bins and the touch bins. The retro Brabantia trash can is a pedal bin. It has a motion control whisper lid that keeps the lid from banging down hard. You won't have a loud banging and clanking lid with this pedal bin. It may be retro in style, pleasing to the eye, but it is not retro in technology. The light pedal design enables the lid to open and close silently. The Brabantia garbage can features a removable plastic inner buckety making it easy to keep clean. Simply, remove the inner bucket and wipe down with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly and replace the inner bucket back into the trash can. The lid can stay open. It has a durable carrying handle. The plastic rim on the bottom protects your floor and keeps it from slipping - even on wet or polished floors. The Brabantia trash can is made with durable corrosion resistant materials.

    So, which Brabantia trash can is just the right fit for your kitchen?


    Results 36-62 of 6212