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All Shower & Bath Products

All the accessories you need to create an organized, peaceful ambiance in your bathroom are right here at SpaceSavers. No one likes feeling disorganized while they are rushing to get ready in the morning. Our makeup storage and countertop organizers will cut down on the clutter. Personal care items like scales, medicine organizers, and spa accessories are necessities for any well-stocked bathroom. We also have hundreds of affordable shower caddies, soap dishes, bath mats, and other shower accessories geared specifically towards home bathrooms, college living, the hospitality industry, and travel.
SpaceSavers has your bathroom needs covered. We offer such a wide range of products to help you get your bathroom organized, clutter free, and more manageable. We can do all of it with style to keep your bathroom looking its best.

SpaceSavers has many different kinds of cosmetic organizers and toiletry kits. You will not have to struggle digging through a drawer trying to find just the right eyeliner again. Keep it all sorted, organized, and stored utilizing one of our organizers. If you need to get your bathroom essentials packed up and ready to hit the road with you, we have attractive toiletry kits, from big to small, for you to keep it all together and with you. You won’t need to make a run to the local corner store just because you forgot to pack your toothbrush. You can keep your bathroom on the go with these toiletry kits and it won’t feel as if you have left anything behind. The toiletry kits are great for long day commuters too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has got the most beautiful and well organized bathroom of them all? Well, you can, using many of SpaceSavers’ storage ideas, like our wall mounted vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets. Get the close up look you need with one of our many mirrors. Keep all those little items tucked away inside a mirrored medicine cabinet. You can look beautiful using your cosmetics and one of our vanity mirrors. Your bathroom can stay clutter free and beautiful by keeping all of that make up in one of our cosmetics organizers.

Keep your shower and bath essentials organized with one or two of our shower caddies or suction cup caddies. It seems the shower and bath tub just don’t have enough built in storage for all the shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, and facial cleansers that we like to keep in the shower. With our shower caddies, you can keep it all there, just where you need it. You don’t have to knock over the bottle of bath bubbles every time you get in or out of the tub. Get it off of the edge of the tub and put it in a caddy, where it won’t get knocked around.

SpaceSavers can help you keep track of your fitness goals too. We offer a wide range of scales that not only measure your weight, but can keep track of your BMI (body mass index); your muscle mass, water, and can even give you suggestions on what you should be focusing your attention on. Scales that can function like personal trainers! Imagine your scale analyzing your data and informing you that you should do more strength training this week. These scales can help you reach your fitness goals and maintain or manage your fitness level.

We keep you your bathroom needs covered, even the ones beneath your feet. Don’t be slip sliding around in your bath tub or shower. Keep a bath mat under your feet. SpaceSavers has bath mats for you as well. Make your tub into a luxurious place to take a bath. Try SpaceSavers’ bath pillow to give your shoulders, neck, and head a comfortable resting place while you relax in those bath bubbles. Can’t you see yourself lighting a few candles, putting on the calming music, and letting the soothing warm waters erase the stress from your day? The bath pillow has suction cups that keep it in place, so you can close your eyes and not be bothered by the pillow slipping out of place. So, relax. Wash away your stress. Keep yourself rejuvenated and beautiful in your organized and beautiful bathroom.


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