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All Laundry Organization

    The laundry room is like the mail room of a large corporation. It is a central hub with a constant incoming and outgoing, in this case, of clothing. Just like the corporate mail room in the basement of the skyscraper, we sometimes relegate this very important room out of the way and out of sight. So, we don’t always think about it in terms of keeping this important system organized, because it is not a room or area of the house that we necessarily walk through on a daily basis. It is important, however, just like a mail room, to the overall operations of a household. Without clean laundry, little Billy won’t have clean khakis for school and Mom won’t have her shirt pressed for that big meeting. Just as with any system of operation, it is essential to maintain an organized area to perform your work. This is where SpaceSavers can come in and give you a helping hand. Although we cannot come to your home and wash, dry, fold or iron your clothes, we can provide you with the necessary components and products to make it easier for you to keep the laundry hub spinning.

    Let’s start with your dirty laundry. When you are tossing your dirty clothes, either in the bedroom closet or your bathroom, we assume you will need some kind of hamper or basket to store the clothing in until you can get it sent off to the laundry room. SpaceSavers has every kind of hamper or basket you could possibly dream up. For your kids, we have fun frog, elephant, and other shaped mesh baskets for them to put their clothes. For your bathroom, you might want to consider a rolling cart that has storage shelves and a canvas hamper that pulls out for all those dirty towels. In your bedroom, you might want a woven wicker basket with a lid to hold your laundry. Whatever hamper you choose, this is where the laundry system begins and SpaceSavers has a hamper or basket that will suit your needs and wants.

    Let’s follow where the trail of dirty laundry leads us, eh? To your laundry room. It’s a good idea to have proper shelving and bins to store all of your cleaning supplies – like the laundry soap, dryer sheets, stain removers, and lint removers. SpaceSavers can provide an over the washing machine shelf and we have many bins to choose from to keep everything organized. You will probably want an area for ironing or have a place to store an ironing board. We have ironing boards that won’t take up much space in your laundry room. Then, after you wash your clothes, you may need to air dry them. We have drying racks of various sizes and shapes. We also have clothing lines and clothing pins to hang dry your clothing. There are many choices. We think we can help meet your needs with one or more of them.

    At SpaceSavers you can also get a laundry sorter, so you can keep Billy’s clothes from Mom’s clothes and so on. When you pull the laundry out of the dryer, simply fold and place the clothing into the hamper that is meant for Billy’s room if it is his clothing. When you are sorting through the dirty laundry and need to separate out your whites, colors, and brights, you can use this same laundry sorter to do that as well. Some of the laundry sorters also have a rack above in which you can hang up the clothing that you don’t want to crease up by folding it. Roll your laundry sorter off to Mom’s bedroom and put her clothes away first and then, you can roll it off to Billy’s room and put his laundry away. Simple, easy, convenient, and organized. SpaceSavers likes to help you live your life, your way, organized.


    Results 71-91 of 91123